Boricua Mixed Martial Arts Fight Gear. Based out of Los Angeles, Ca we saw that Puerto Ricans are more than boxers. We then took on the challenge, meeting the needs of every fighter/fan with a clothing line that helps them perform and express their love of Puerto Rican Mixed Marial Arts.

  1. erik says:

    My name is Erik, I am a matial artist that has started his own school NJ CORE MMA ( check us out on facebook) in Hackettstown NJ. Although we have never met I feel a sense of pride for us as a people. Feel free to contact me back eklopez@nac.net . Puerto Rican and Proud!

    • BoricuaMMA says:

      Erik! Thank you for comment. Truly means so much to see our culture worldwide really help push this sport more than ever. We will email you this coming week. Thanks again and please share our blogs/FB/Twitter. Pa’lante!

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