Posted: November 21, 2013 in Boricua, Boricua MMA, MMA, Puerto Rico, Sports, Uncategorized

Primero, again Happy 20th Anniversary for the UFC this past weekend as we got a chance to see how amazing the sport has grown. UFC aunque many felt Hendricks was robbed it was a great card to celebrate 20 years of the UFC. Here at Boricua MMA have been happy to see how the sport of mixed martial arts have grown so fast. That being said, we are excited to see so many Puerto Ricans enjoy this sport along with other martial arts.

This week coming up we celebrate Thanksgiving. Boricua MMA is very thankful for our families and God’s blessings. We want to say thank you for following us via Facebook, Twitter and always hitting us up. We hope we continue to take the small steps in understanding this sport and branding for boricuas world wide in the sport of MMA. We have been very quiet on the scene but looking forward to 2014.

Thank you and we hope you continue to support Boricua MMA. Dios les bendiga y pa’lante en todo.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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