Blazin Boricua Summer

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Boricua, Boricua MMA, MMA, Puerto Rico, Sports
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What a summer familia. Plenty of BBQ’s, PR parades/festivals y fights. We hope everyone has had an amazing time porque school is back and time to grind to get focused for the future. Study hard, train hard and see the results.

This past few weeks we had Boricua MMA Familia represent in Chi-Town! N.A.G.A got a taste of the ever rising athlete Danny Rodriguez as he took home the belt in a very exciting finals match. Congrats and amazing to see Boricua MMA represented via No- Gi. Tambien in Chi-Town a few miles down…Cut Throat MMA 145lbs division has a new Boricua Champ. His name? Jay “The Gladiator” Gonzalez. This Taino Warrior had a very good battle in winning via submission to capture the belt. Boricua MMA is very happy to see them as well as other continue this journey we have taken to be the best.

As you can see IBJJF Open in Miami is coming October 20, 2012. We are looking for Puerto Ricans who will be participating in this event. Why? Let’s just say we want Miami to know Boricua MMA is in the house that weekend. If you are a BJJ athlete going and sangre Boricua please email us

Thanks again for all the support and love. We have big dreams and know it’s a matter of steps to see the door of opportunities. Remember…Boricua MMA Hasta La Muerte.


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