We hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Here at home we have been making a few changes and fine tuning what we have started from the beginning. Many of you have notice we been working on a projet we have called Taino Warrior Coqui. It is finally coming to life and more to come. Also, we have had great feedback on new concepts of shorts, tee shirts and hats. Please continue to send us the feedback.

Exciting news! Here at Boricua MMA we are proud to be affiliated/partnered Team Boricua, as well as the creative and supportive team that is behind it for its new adventure. Team Boricua is the clothing line not only for the Borinquen people of Puerto Rico but for everyone who has roots in Puerto Rico. The Tainos, called the land “Borinquen”, which means “Land of the Valiant Lord.” Therefore, one who was from Borinquen was called a “Boriqua”. Boricua MMA is very excited and more to come on collab collections. Check them out http://www.teamboricua.com PLEASE SUPPORT!

Now, many have wondered why we promote alot of BJJ? First of all, we love and respect all martial arts. We know we have strong roots of many Boricuas who practice the art of Judo/TKD/JKD/Boxing and more. That being said, Puerto Rico is now in a great place of learning BJJ. Huge thank you to Federación de Jiu-Jitsu Brasileño de Puerto Rico promoting this art and all BJJ Schools on the island. Our goal is to show the world that Puerto Rico is on the rise of new athletes and MMA fighters. If you have any events for any martial art feel free to share the link to our facebook page on any martial art. We are FAMILIA.

Thanks again for reading our blog and enjoy the pictures below.

-Boricua MMA Fight Gear Familia


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