Spring time llego…April Edition BoricuaMMA Fight Gear

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Boricua, Boricua MMA, MMA, Puerto Rico, Sports
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Spring time is here…WEPA! That’s means baseball is here, NCAA has a new champ y Boricua MMA Fight Gear is excited to have this much awaited tee shirt to drop this month! Many have asked for a walkout shirt and this will be our first batch that we will have for you. We hope you like it and will continue to support this brand in it’s early stages.

Boricua MMA Fight gear will continue to push the envelope to meet the needs de su gente de sangre caliente that fight day in and day out to become great in all that you do.


Amazing to see that Puerto Rico was there to represent and welcome UFC’s superstar Rashad Evans as he was on a tour/training session as he prepares to fight Jon Jones for the belt. Cross your fingers that Dana brings an event BACK to PR!

Tambien, gracias a todos por el apoyo de compatir nuestro Facebook page…pronto llegamos a los 1,100 “likes”!!! When we hit that mark we will put a post and will then raffle a winner from the comments to give them a Boricua MMA Commerative Tee(pictured below). Again, thank you for the support, feedback y mas que todo the love! Siguen pa’lante y que Dios les bendiga en todo.

Please if you would like to help in becoming a writer for our blog page y tambien for our soon to release monthly newsletter…email us at info@boricuamma.com

Comments are always welcome. Bendiciones familia.

– Boricua MMA Fight Gear Familia


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