Looking for Bloggers/Newsletter Writer

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Boricua, MMA, Puerto Rico, Sports

Hello familia. As like any small start up company, we are quickly growing via Social Network and are in need to make sure we keep you connected 24/7. That being said, we are looking for:

  • Additional bloggers. East Coast (2), Puerto Rico (2), Mid-West (1). Bloggers will range in updates in the Boricua MMA scene, culture and music. Our goal here in Boricua MMA Fight Gear is to share stories and insight of the ever growing PR MMA scene.
  • Newsletter Writer. We have a pretty long list of e-mails saved. Looking to have someone help write and plug a little graphic art to email our familia news, updates and deals.

If you are interested and would like more information on these…please email us at info@boricuamma.com


-Boricua MMA Fight Gear Familia

  1. Cool concept of fight gear. I like it 🙂 keep it coming

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