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Primero, again Happy 20th Anniversary for the UFC this past weekend as we got a chance to see how amazing the sport has grown. UFC aunque many felt Hendricks was robbed it was a great card to celebrate 20 years of the UFC. Here at Boricua MMA have been happy to see how the sport of mixed martial arts have grown so fast. That being said, we are excited to see so many Puerto Ricans enjoy this sport along with other martial arts.

This week coming up we celebrate Thanksgiving. Boricua MMA is very thankful for our families and God’s blessings. We want to say thank you for following us via Facebook, Twitter and always hitting us up. We hope we continue to take the small steps in understanding this sport and branding for boricuas world wide in the sport of MMA. We have been very quiet on the scene but looking forward to 2014.

Thank you and we hope you continue to support Boricua MMA. Dios les bendiga y pa’lante en todo.

Happy Thanksgiving!



March News

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Boricua MMA is project started to share the love of MMA that Puerto Ricans have. Collection to reflect culture, passion and warriors. Hasta la Muerte our slogan on how we view that one is never to give up.

As we look to 2013 and see what is to come, I have to take a step back and know we’ve had many lessons to learn. Since the beginning we never thought a love for our culture and MMA would get such great support worldwide. We are very thankful for each and every one of you that have believed in our products, follow us via social media and share the movement. Boricua MMA is nothing without you guys. Although life presents challenges for us personally and professionally we continue pa’lante.

This year we will be very tactful on how we will launch collections and build partnerships in the MMA familia. We can say that in 2012 we had amazing athletes coming up bringing the ‘candela’ on and off the mat and cage. Illinois NAGA Champ Danny Rodriguez, wrestler Gabriel Mota, BJJ Beast Fernando ‘P.B.A. the Philadelphia Bad Ass’ Smith and the Champ Jay Gonzalez are a few that we are very thankful for in getting the name out there. Boricua MMA wants to be everywhere and with your help we will achieve this goal.

Our eyes are on Puerto Rico 2013 in seeking to understand how we can invest in our young athletes to achieve greatness. We all know our concerns for our island but one thing we as boricua’s do… we won’t back down from a challenge. This will have to be a united effort. One step at a time. I leave you with this, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” -William Shakespeare.

Dios les bendiga.

Boricua MMA es el proyecto comenzó a compartir el amor de MMA que los puertorriqueños tienen. Colección para reflejar la cultura, la pasión y guerreros. Hasta la Muerte nuestro lema en nuestra forma de ver que uno no es nunca darse por vencido.

Cuando miramos a 2013 y ver lo que viene, tengo que dar un paso atrás y sé que hemos tenido muchas lecciones que aprender. Desde el principio, nunca pensamos que el amor por nuestra cultura y MMA llegaría tales en todo el mundo un gran apoyo. Estamos muy agradecidos por todos y cada uno de ustedes que han creído en nuestros productos, nos siguen a través de las redes sociales y compartir el movimiento. Boricua MMA no es nada sin ustedes. Aunque la vida presenta retos para nosotros personalmente y profesionalmente seguimos pa’lante.

Este año vamos a tener mucho planes en cómo vamos a lanzar colecciones y crear asociaciones en la Familia MMA. Podemos decir que en 2012 tuvimos atletas increíbles que vienen con lo que el ‘candela’ dentro y fuera de la colchoneta y la jaula. Illinois NAGA Champ Danny Rodríguez, luchador Gabriel Mota, PBA BJJ Beast Fernando Smith ‘Philadelphia Bad Ass’ y Champ Jay Gonzalez algunos que estamos muy agradecidos en recibir el nombre por ahí. Boricua MMA quiere estar en todas partes y con su ayuda vamos a lograr este objetivo.

Nuestros ojos están en Puerto Rico 2013, tratando de entender cómo podemos invertir en nuestros jóvenes atletas a alcanzar la grandeza. Todos sabemos que nuestras preocupaciones para nuestra isla, pero una como boricua … que no dará marcha atrás ante un desafío. Esto tiene que ser un esfuerzo unido. Un paso a la vez. Os dejo con esto, “No tengas miedo de la grandeza: algunos nacen grandes, otros alcanzan la grandeza, y algunos tienen la grandeza sobre ellos”-William Shakespeare.

Dios les bendiga.

2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Mi gente take advantage this weekend!


What a summer familia. Plenty of BBQ’s, PR parades/festivals y fights. We hope everyone has had an amazing time porque school is back and time to grind to get focused for the future. Study hard, train hard and see the results.

This past few weeks we had Boricua MMA Familia represent in Chi-Town! N.A.G.A got a taste of the ever rising athlete Danny Rodriguez as he took home the belt in a very exciting finals match. Congrats and amazing to see Boricua MMA represented via No- Gi. Tambien in Chi-Town a few miles down…Cut Throat MMA 145lbs division has a new Boricua Champ. His name? Jay “The Gladiator” Gonzalez. This Taino Warrior had a very good battle in winning via submission to capture the belt. Boricua MMA is very happy to see them as well as other continue this journey we have taken to be the best.

As you can see IBJJF Open in Miami is coming October 20, 2012. We are looking for Puerto Ricans who will be participating in this event. Why? Let’s just say we want Miami to know Boricua MMA is in the house that weekend. If you are a BJJ athlete going and sangre Boricua please email us

Thanks again for all the support and love. We have big dreams and know it’s a matter of steps to see the door of opportunities. Remember…Boricua MMA Hasta La Muerte.

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Here at home we have been making a few changes and fine tuning what we have started from the beginning. Many of you have notice we been working on a projet we have called Taino Warrior Coqui. It is finally coming to life and more to come. Also, we have had great feedback on new concepts of shorts, tee shirts and hats. Please continue to send us the feedback.

Exciting news! Here at Boricua MMA we are proud to be affiliated/partnered Team Boricua, as well as the creative and supportive team that is behind it for its new adventure. Team Boricua is the clothing line not only for the Borinquen people of Puerto Rico but for everyone who has roots in Puerto Rico. The Tainos, called the land “Borinquen”, which means “Land of the Valiant Lord.” Therefore, one who was from Borinquen was called a “Boriqua”. Boricua MMA is very excited and more to come on collab collections. Check them out PLEASE SUPPORT!

Now, many have wondered why we promote alot of BJJ? First of all, we love and respect all martial arts. We know we have strong roots of many Boricuas who practice the art of Judo/TKD/JKD/Boxing and more. That being said, Puerto Rico is now in a great place of learning BJJ. Huge thank you to Federación de Jiu-Jitsu Brasileño de Puerto Rico promoting this art and all BJJ Schools on the island. Our goal is to show the world that Puerto Rico is on the rise of new athletes and MMA fighters. If you have any events for any martial art feel free to share the link to our facebook page on any martial art. We are FAMILIA.

Thanks again for reading our blog and enjoy the pictures below.

-Boricua MMA Fight Gear Familia


Hello familia.

Wanted to post this update of our soon to be dropping Boricua MMA Fight Gear’s Taino Warrior Coquí. We are really excited for this special drop and video that will give the background and inspiration of this line.

We also wanted to share that our family had a recent loss in the family. Long fought battle but resting in a better place. We apologize for all inconveniences for the past couple weeks but we will be back up Monday May 14, 2012.

Please share out blog and feel free to comment on our blog.


– Boricua MMA Fight Gear Family